Thinking of Volunteering?

Thank you for your interest in helping at Briarfield Farm Sanctuary!   If you love dogs, this is the place for you!  We are always looking for dedicated people to come spend time with our doggies.  A typical day at the sanctuary can keep our staff pretty busy.  Having volunteers help with walking and basic training gives our staff extra time to work with dogs who have more difficult behavioral issues, health issues, and socializing issues.  The more each dog is worked with, the better it will behave,  and the quicker we will be able to find it a loving home. 

Options for Volunteering

Dog walking:  Every morning each dog goes on a walk in our fields or on our wooded trails.  The morning walks range from 30 minutes to 1 hour per dog.  Many dogs, depending on their activity level, can go longer or on multiple walks per day.  This daily activity gives the opportunity to work with each dog individually on walking calmly on a leash as well as time to work on their basic commands.  It also helps each dog build relationships with different people and expose them to normal daily stimulation.  

Basic Training:  Many of the dogs we take into our sanctuary have had no basic obedience training.  We begin basic training as soon as the dog is healthy enough to start learning.  Each volunteer will be trained by our staff before starting to work with a dog.  Once trained, they can work with approved individuals at anytime throughout the day.  The basic commands we train are sit, down, stay, and leave it.  We also welcome fun commands such as shake and roll over.  Training is wonderful mental stimulation for the dogs and it will help reach our goal of finding them permanent homes.

Playtime:  There are many dogs who prefer playing with people over playing with other dogs.  We try to socialize every dog at our sanctuary, but some dogs are people dogs and just want to play fetch, frisbee, or have pool time.

Adoption Events:  Sometimes we are involved in off-site adoption events.  Help us handle the dogs, give information to the public, advertise, or help prepare supplies to take to the event.

Please fill out the an application below and we will be in contact with you.

Briarfield Farm Sanctuary Volunteer Application