The Sanctuary

We are dedicated to creating better lives for our canine friends by giving them a happy, healthy life, and finding them a forever home.

A Different Kind of Place

We often refer to our sanctuary as a "last chance ranch".  Many dogs end up in positions where their outcome is very bleak.  They are taken to animal control facilities where there just isn't enough space to house them all, they are left completely abandoned, or they are mistreated.  Due to these circumstances these dogs often end up with medical issues, are considered too old to adopt, or are stereotyped for their breed or color.  These are the dogs we take into our facility. 

 A Healthy Lifestyle

Every dog we take in is given any medical treatment it may need immediately.  Medical care alone often changes a dog's attitude for the better.  Once healthy, the dog starts our daily program.  Our goal at Briarfield Farm Sanctuary is to have a disease free, well-rounded dog, Dogwho behaves politely and is ready to become someones companion for life.  Everyday we work with each individual dog on walking calmly on a leash, learning their basic commands, and how to socialize with other dogs.  Each dog is fed a nutritionally balanced diet, is exercised daily on our wooded trails, and gets to run free with their buddies in our fenced fields.  We spend as much time with each dog as if it were our own.  Care, love, and guidance can turn an unwanted animal into a wonderful pet. 

Every Little Detail

Our adoption process allows us to make sure each dog is placed in a home that fits their lifestyle and surprises.  Having a close relationship with our dogs allows us to give potential new owners every detail about the dog they are interested in adopting.  We want our dogs and their new owners to have happy lives together.

Stay in Touch

We love hearing about and seeing how our four-legged friends are doing in their new homes.  Questions or concerns may come up down the road and we are always here to help if we can!